The Last Time I Fucked a Man

I was staying at a hotel in San Francisco several years ago. I advertised on Craigslist (when this was still productive) looking to hook up with another guy. I was really hoping to find a hung stud to fuck my willing ass, since I am normally a submissive bottom, but I knew that was a rarity. I do sometimes enjoy playing the top/Dom role as well, and there's never any shortage of bottoms! I do like to fuck, though, and most bottoms aren't willing to take a fairly thick cock. I finally got a response from a guy who was staying in another hotel about two blocks away who wanted to be fucked. He was smaller, about 5'6" and liked bigger, "beefy" guys, which I am. We emailed back and forth a little and established that we were both married, both bi, and both in town on business. We even work in the same industry, but were in town for different reasons.

I went over to his hotel and he let me into the room. He was already naked. A little younger than me and slim, he was married and eager to get some dick. I put him to work immediately, telling him to remove my clothes. He did so, taking time to take off everything I was wearing and laying my clothes neatly on a chair.

I sat down and leaned back, spreading my legs, and told him to get down on his knees and suck my cock. He was a pretty good cocksucker, quite enthusiastic and had some decent technique. I generally judge cocksuckers by how well they do compared to myself, and he was up to the task at hand. In short order I was rock hard. He worked on my cock and balls for a few minutes, slowly licking and nibbling his way up and down my shaft, then taking the whole thing in his mouth. Both of us knew what he really wanted was my thick cock in his ass. After letting him work on my cock with his hot mouth for a while, I asked whether he would rather be fucked missionary or doggy style. He told me he really loved missionary, but it was up to me. I had him start out on all fours on the bed. As I lubed up his ass I could tell he was going to be tight. I slipped on the condom and applied some lube to it too, then pressed the head of my throbbing dick against his puckered little hole and told him to push back. I wanted to let him take it as gradually as he needed, knowing that I was going to plow him hard after he was used to having me inside him. He took it slowly at first, but after the head had popped past the inner ring of his sphincter he was able to push a little harder. Before long he has most of it in. I asked if he was ready for the rest... then slid it all the way in until my balls were resting against his. I could hear him grunt and gasp a little. He had my entire cock buried in his ass to the root, and he was tight. Really tight. I could tell it had been quite a while since he'd been fucked. He started moaning a little as I began moving my cock in and out of his velvety hole.

I fucked him doggy style until I had his ass used to the big cock invading him. After a while I had him turn on his back, then pushed his legs back and once again buried my cock inside his ass. By now I knew he was entirely mine. His eyes would roll back a little when I pushed into him, then there would be a look of longing as I slid back out. I quickened my pace, enjoying the feeling of his very tight, warm hole as it suctioned at my cock.

With almost no warning I heard him grunt and I could feel his ass grip my cock tighter. I knew he was starting to orgasm. This was a first for me. I have fucked a few men, but not many, and had never before had one cum from me fucking him, without even touching his own cock. The cum started spurting from his dick with every thrust of my cock inside his ass. His hole felt wonderful as it spasmed and pulsed around the shaft of my cock.

Finally he came down from his orgasm. I could tell he was done, but I wasn't. He told me he was finished... I told him that was just tough, because I wasn't done using his cunt yet. There was a look of concern bordering on panic as he realized that I wasn't going to stop fucking him. In fact, I was just getting a good head of steam, and I quickened my pace. I was loving the feeling of his now relaxed hole, pounding his ass hard now. I didn't want to hurt him, but I needed to cum. I rammed my dick in harder and faster, until finally I could feel my balls draw up tight against him. With one last thrust I buried every inch of my cock inside his ass and unleashed a flood of cum into him. I came hard, grunting and thrusting until I had pumped out the last few drops.

I stayed that way for a couple of minutes until I could feel my cock beginning to soften. I finally slowly pulled out of his now red and stretched asshole. We both took a few minutes to recover before I pulled off the condom, cleaned up and left.

I can only hope that some day, some big dicked top man will do the same to me!


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