Jealous As Hell Ch. 03

We took Beth's engagement ring to a professional cleaner after the party at Steve's house. I had made a few inquiries about selling it and replacing it. I was having a hard time dealing with it; every time I looked at it, the memory of it being dropped into a shot glass full of another guy's cum, and then Beth, all drunk, drinking it up, was just too disgusting to think about. The prices I was quoted for the diamond were so low, which made it not worth even pursuing. Our marriage was not going well, and I think we were both thinking about separating but hadn't discussed it yet.

I avoided my friend Anthony at work, partly out of shame and partly to prevent him from bringing up what happened with Beth at Steve's party. I was hoping that Anthony wouldn't tell anybody at work about it, and judging by how everyone was acting, it didn't seem that he had told anyone. Perhaps he'd asked himself the question: "Will this get me into trouble with HR?" At the party, I busted him fondling my wife while she was heavily intoxicated, and I'm sure he didn't want anyone to hear that part of the story.

The summer flew by. On the last Friday in August, Beth called me at work.

"Hey, Alexis is in town; you remember her from my reunion? She was my roommate senior year of college, remember?" Beth said.

"Yeah, sure, I remember her," I said, remembering how hot she was and how sexy she looked with my wife in that video.

"Well, she was in town for work today, but she's gonna stay the weekend with us if that's ok? She wanted to go for drinks tonight," Beth said.

"Sure, ok," I said. I was pretty burnt out from work that week, and I needed to unwind. Drinks sounded perfect. We arranged to meet at Champions, a huge sports bar a few blocks from my office. People from my office hung out there sometimes, but usually not on Fridays.

I finished work and walked over to Champions since it was still pretty warm out, even though it was the end of summer. It was fairly crowded when I got there. I looked around and saw Beth and Alexis hanging out at the bar drinking cosmopolitans. They were not alone. Two guys seemed to be with them, hitting on them, no doubt. As I moved in closer, I realized one of the guys was Anthony.

"Shit!" I thought to myself. I was hoping not to run into anyone from work, let alone Anthony.

Beth was wearing very tight blue jeans and a white crop top. When I got a good look at Alexis, my eyes almost shot out of my head! She was wearing hot red lipstick that made her lips look delicious. She had on a satin collar fitting tightly around her neck with a small charm in the front. I hadn't seen women wearing chokers like that in a few years, thinking they were out of style, but it made her look very seductive. She was wearing a black mini skirt that barely covered her butt and a white tube top.

The girls hadn't seen me yet, so I walked over to the other end of the bar to get a drink before I went to greet them. Alexis was also married. She even had a son, but you would have never known that from how she looked. I ordered a scotch and soda and watched as Beth and Alexis continued to chat and flirt with Anthony and his buddy. The guys bought them a second round of drinks as they talked. After watching them a few minutes, I decided nothing too suspicious was going on, so I figured it was time to walk over to them and let them know I was there. As I approached them, I saw Anthony reach down and rest his hand on Alexis' ass. I couldn't believe it! She didn't stop him or anything.

I moved in a little closer, and I heard Anthony say, "You're right; your ass is just as good as Beth's. Wait, let me make sure." With that, he took his other hand and grabbed Beth's ass.

"Fuck this," I thought to myself. This is exactly what I'd been afraid of. I'm stopping this right now!

I walked over and said, "Hey guys."

I kissed Beth on the lips hello.

I turned to Anthony and said, "What do you guys think you're doing?"

"Aw, come on," Anthony said. "We were just having a little fun. It's not like I haven't felt it naked before or anything," he added with a wink. I started to get angry. Beth blushed in what seemed to be a sexy turned-on kind of way.

"Hi Alexis," I said and gave her a kiss hello too.

"Anthony was just telling us he's a groomsman in a wedding this September. He asked us if we could possibly help him out with the bachelor party he is throwing tomorrow night," Beth said.

"No fucking way!" I said. "What type of help?"

"Just serving drinks, as bartenders, waitresses, that kinda thing," Anthony said. "Nothing crazy."

"I don't think so, take care, man," I said, and I took Beth's hand and led her and Alexis away from them and over to a table in the corner of the bar.

Beth said, "You're no fun!"

"Shut up," I replied. "Do I have to remind you what you did last time you were with Anthony and his friends at a party?"

"What happened?" Alexis chimed in, sounding a little excited and very interested.

I told Alexis about how Beth got drunk at Steve's party and about how she wound up doing shots of other guys' cum out of shot glasses in front of the whole party.

"Eeeewwweeee!" Alexis said. "Well, I guess that's pretty bad, but we've done worse than that," she giggled.

An image of Alexis and Beth having sex with a bunch of frat guys shot through my mind.

"I know you have," I said, making sure I didn't make eye contact with Beth.

We hung out and talked for a few hours and ordered several more rounds of drinks until we got pretty hammered. After a while, the place started to empty out, and Anthony walked by our table on his way out.

"I'll call your cell about tomorrow night," Anthony said to Beth and Alexis as he walked by.

Beth nodded ok.

Snapping back to sober for a second, I said, "He's got your cell number, Beth?"

"Yeah," Beth said. "I gave it to him before."

"Damn it!" I yelled. "You are such a goddamn slut!"

"Hey now, relax," Alexis cooed in a sexy soothing voice. She put her hand on my leg, just a few inches from my crotch.

"Screw you!" screamed Beth. She got up and stormed off to the bathroom.

When Beth was out of sight, Alexis slid her hand further up my leg towards my crotch. My pulse quickened, and I felt my face flush.

Melting a little, I said, "I saw the videotape of you two, you know. Of you and Beth back in college at that fraternity Zeta something."

"I know," Alexis said. "Tyler told me you guys watched it the night of the reunion."

"You know? Does Beth know I know about it?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes, she knows. I told her. She thinks it's odd that you haven't asked her about it or acted mad or anything." Alexis said.

"Well, what was I supposed to say? She gets mad any time I ask her anything about her past, sexually, I mean. She bites my head off when I bring that stuff up." I said.

"Listen," Alexis said, "Beth did a bunch of crazy, stupid shit after that Playboy college issue came out. Heck, I did too, and I wasn't even in it. The point is, we did a lot of coke, drank a lot, and fucked and screwed around too much. Beth doesn't like to talk about it with you because she thinks you'll get mad, and it's not like she can change it or anything."

I didn't know what to say. I understood what Alexis was saying, but I didn't know how to respond. I was actually turned on knowing what little I knew of Beth's past. It was all stupid college fun, then. Now was a different story, though. Fun is fun, I thought, but there were limits.

As we sat there, I felt Alexis' hand inch further up my leg. I looked down. She was sitting right next to me in that short tight skirt. It had ridden up on her a little bit, and her bare, tan legs were right there in front of me. Gorgeous.

She saw me staring at her legs, then she grabbed me and started rubbing my dick through my slacks. I was erect in seconds. I looked up at her face, and she smiled at me. I couldn't believe how good this felt. Before I could process anything or try to stop her, she started rubbing harder and faster. I looked around the bar, and nobody was paying attention to us. Then I looked down at her naked legs. I touched them and started rubbing them up and down a little. She was practically jerking me off through my pants now. I watched her hand: sexy red nail polish with a colossal diamond engagement ring on it. Knowing she was married and that my wife was in the bar made it so exciting that she was doing this to me.

I was about to cum, and was so lost in the moment I didn't see Beth coming back to the table.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" she yelled at me.

I started stammering, "She did it," I finally said.

"I'm getting the fuck out of here," Beth said, stomping out.

"I'll go get her," Alexis said, running out after her.

I got up to go to the bar to pay our bill. I quickly realized I had to cover myself a little bit since I was still rock-hard from Alexis. I picked up the check and met the girls outside where they were waiting by Beth's car.

We drove home in silence. I slept on the couch, and Beth and Alexis crashed together in our bedroom upstairs.

The next morning when I woke up, I found a note on the kitchen table. "Went shopping," it said.

I showered, mowed the lawn, ate some lunch, and waited for them to come home. I felt terrible about what happened with Alexis, but I wasn't going to apologize to Beth, not after all the things she had done. I went out to go to the bank and ran a few errands.

When I got home, it was about 6 o'clock, and I saw Beth's brand-new 2004 Volkswagen Jetta in the driveway. I parked my old Jeep Wrangler beside her car and went inside to find them. The house seemed deserted at first. I walked up into our bedroom and stopped dead in my tracks. Beth was standing there wearing a super tight white shirt that she'd cinched in a knot between her boobs, revealing her midriff, and below that, a plaid pleated mini skirt. Her shirt was tight and thin enough that you could see her nipples. It was apparent she had no bra on. She was wearing spiked black heels with straps that wound around her calves. She had her hair in pigtails and looked a little like a dancer in Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" video. In other words, she looked sexy as hell. Before I could say a word, though, Alexis walked out of the bathroom wearing the same thing, except without a shirt! My jaw dropped; I just stood there staring at Alexis' tits, which were as tan as her legs.

Beth said, "Easy cowboy! How do we look? Alexis, put your shirt on!"

Alexis giggled. "I guess he likes my tits," she mumbled.

"You guys look great," I finally managed to say.

"Good! We're going to that party," Beth said.

"What? Anthony's friend's bachelor party? Wearing that?" I said, hoping my growing erection was not visible to either of them.

"Yeah," Beth said. "Why not? Alexis and I wanna have some fun and make some money. Anthony said you can come too if you like."

"No fucking way, I told you, you aren't going to a bachelor party! Especially with Anthony, and especially not wearing that! I can see your nipples!"

"After what you did last night, you are in no position to tell me what to do." Beth snapped.

She had a point.

"What the hell did I do that was so bad? Big deal, Alexis rubbed my crotch! Kill me!"

"You're an asshole," Beth said.

"You did shots of other guys' cum and let Anthony and his sleazy friend Steve rub your bare ass!" I yelled back.

Alexis moved across the room and dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached for my zipper, undid it, and pulled my pants down around my ankles.

"Calm down, everybody. Beth said I might have to do this to get you to ease up and let us go."

I didn't know what to do. Beth just stood there watching. Half smiling.

Alexis yanked down my boxer briefs. My dick popped up just an inch or two from Alexis' face.

Alexis said, "Ok, Mark, Beth fucked a whole lotta guys in college; she was a body shot girl, she let guys do lines of coke off her ass, we did ecstasy. We've made out with each other, we've given blow jobs together, she used to pose for guys in the same outfit she wore in the Playboy college girls issue and let guys jerk off behind her, all kinds of crazy shit, ok? I'm gonna help you out, and we are all going to relax a bit and have some fun. I'm gonna save this marriage right now."

Beth sat down on the edge of our bed, looking amused at the situation I was in.

"Oh, go ahead," Beth sighed. "Mark, it's ok."

With that, Alexis grabbed my dick and started stroking me up and down in a very soft but fast rhythm. Within seconds I could tell she was a pro at what she was doing. Then, with her right hand, she grabbed my balls and was gently caressing them. It felt like no handjob I had ever gotten before. I really wanted her to blow me, but it felt so good anyway I didn't want her to stop. Despite how fast she was jerking me off, she wasn't even hurting my skin, the way most girls are prone to do when giving handjobs.

I stared down at her, mesmerized. My legs started to buckle slightly. I wanted to sit down on the bed, but Beth was sitting there, and I thought sitting right next to Beth might be too weird.

Looking down, I saw Alexis' engagement ring and wedding band on her hand. The hand that was jerking me off. I was so turned on, not just because Beth was sitting watching us but also because Alexis was married. For the first time, finally, it was me that was the guy getting some from another guy's hot wife! I looked over at Beth, who seemed to be for the first time in weeks, giving me a warm smile and a wink.

Then the phone rang. Beth grabbed it.

"Hello," Beth said.

"Hi, how are you?......Yes, Alexis is still here. We're having a great time. Thanks for watching your son this weekend by yourself and letting Alexis stay with us."

Shit, I thought! It was Alexis' husband on the phone. Damn it! I hoped Alexis wouldn't have to talk to him and stop what she was doing.

"Well, we are probably going out in a little while," Beth continued into the phone. "You want to talk to her?......Ok, hold on."

"Alexis, it's your husband," Beth said.

I snapped out of my trance. Beth brought the phone over to Alexis. Alexis stopped jerking me for a second, took the phone with her left hand, and resumed stroking me just as smoothly with her right hand.

"Hi honey," Alexis said into the phone. "Yes, I'm having fun.......Yeah, Beth's husband is here," Alexis added, looking up at me.

"He's so nice!....... We are going to dinner later, I think then maybe a party, not sure yet.......Yes, of course, we will behave ourselves," she said as she continued jerking me off.

"How is our little Isaiah doing......Ok, good, don't let him stay up too late......Ok..........No, I'm not going to give you a kiss goodbye," she said playfully.

"Ok, ok, alright," Alexis continued into the phone. Alexis then leaned forward, and while taking the phone away from her mouth a little bit, she planted her lips on the head of my dick and started to make a humming sound.

"MMMMMMMM-muh," Alexis said, mimicking a kiss into the phone.

I couldn't believe it. I almost fell down. Alexis had just given her husband a "phone kiss" off of my dick. I felt so perverted, and at the same time, so turned on by it.

"Ok, I'll try to call you later," she said.

It was all too much for me to handle. I felt the cum rushing up inside me, my hips twitched, and I started to cum. It shot out and started to hit Alexis all over her face. She didn't flinch an inch.

"Ok, I will, if it's not too late," she told her husband.

I kept cumming; some of it ran down her cheek and dripped onto the carpet. A shot of my cum went past her head. Another blast of cum landed on her left tit.

"Ok, I love you too; I gotta go get cleaned up," she said. "Ok, bye."

Alexis hung up the phone. I stopped cumming.

"What the hell did you give me the phone for," Alexis said to Beth laughing. There was cum on her lower lip.

"Ha!" Beth said. "Serves you right for jerking off my hubby. How was it, Mark, you little perv? You coming to the party with us now or what?"

Speechless, I nodded, "Yes."

"Don't worry," Beth said, pointing to Alexis still on her knees, "We aren't going to be doing anything like that at the party; Anthony said they hired dancers and prostitutes to do that stuff for the bachelor."

"Good," I managed, "That's a relief," I added. Now, so turned on by the situation, I was no longer worrying about Beth working at the party. I was almost looking forward to seeing Beth as a hot bartender being ogled by a roomful of dudes. I was secure in my relationship with my wife! Who cares if some of the guys got a little bit touchy-feely with her?! I was the one she was going home with!

I also suddenly realized how hot it would be to watch an exotic dancer in the presence of my wife and her sexy friend. I'd heard about stag parties where guys fucked the stripper in the hotel bathroom! Would this stripper also provide "extras" to any of the guys? Did I hear Beth right? Did she just say there would be prostitutes as well?! Given the craziness of Anthony's friends, who knows what we'd get to see!

It was going to be an interesting party...

To be continued....


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